Adding A Server

Getting Started

It's A Service!

Remember, the SDR Server runs as a service, so even when you close the server manager the service is still running. You must use the server manager to either stop the service or disable publicly available accounts if you do not want your radios to be available to other users.

Server Manager

For the initial testing you need a version 2.2 beta (or a later kit) from' In the Server Manager use these values: Address: Port: 7995 Code: Welcome Under Station Description leave the IP address empty, this will be automatically detected. If you leave the Lat/Lon empty the On-Air server will attempt to detect the correct values from your public IP address. If you enter Lat/Lon values please remember that North and East are positive values, South and West are negative. Finally make sure Enable updates is checked, then press the Save button!


To check that uploads are successful:

1) Look at the status field in the On Air pane which should show Status: OK,

2) Select the Logfile pane and check Show on-air updates for 5 minutes.

Network & Firewall

For network and firewall settings click here...


When your server connects to the On-Air service an access check is performed by the On-Air service to check that the server can be accessed correctly. The On-Air service connects to the port number defined in the server's network pane (this port is usually 7999). If this check fails a warning icon is displayed; the reason why the check fails is most probably a firewall blocking the server's port. If the On-Air service cannot connect then the console will not be able to connect.

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